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  • Sat 16th Feb 2019 - 4:06am

    When a professional collision repairer wants to bring a vehicle to its pre loss condition the best takes  Vin Check Pro Review  its cues from the aviation industry because the fasteners are very important to the life and safety of the vehicle they are working on. They have predestinated specifications for airplanes fasteners and many times these are scrutinized to make sure they are tightened correctly and if an accident ever occurs this is one main component that is looked at with great length to find out if it was a bolt or screw that loosened that could be a contributing factor!

    With that being said although, vehicles may not go through the rigorous stresses an airplane may suffer it is still essential to make sure the right bolt or screw is fastened correctly. If not you, may experience squeaks, rattles, and it may ultimately impair the safety and resale value of the vehicle and cause premature failure. Many buyers are now informed on what to look for including missing bolts or different sizes not meeting specs.

    When automotive engineers choose fasteners they do it for a reason and those who repair vehicles have to follow the specific requirements. This is essential, because of the different torque qualities these fasteners must be installed 100% correct. Not only can the look of your car can be affected, but the performance as well. Reports have been done that show certain fasteners on your bumpers and quarter panels if reinstalled incorrectly can cause certain expansion and allow movement, which can ultimately lead to serious damage to your vehicle after time.

    When Clamping Down Fasteners:
    Fasteners all include certain characteristics. They have a grade and tensile strength, which determines how much they can stretch before breakage. The diameter and type of material determine the resistance of this. The English system defines the strength of a bolt by radial lines with property numbers such as 4.6, 4.8, 5.8, 8.8 9.8 and 10.9 and the nuts must be appropriately classed to each fastener to ensure the same grade and work equally to the fastener that is installed. Nuts attached to the fastener have their own grading system with some using dots to determine their tensile strength and some using actual numbers. Always be fastidious to match the correct pair and that will ensure optimal matching connection. If you deviate from this, you can lose the connection state.


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