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  • Tue 12th Jul 2016 - 7:37am

    Given the choice, most of us would choose free dating to paid dating. If you can get something for free, why pay for it, right? I used to be one of these people. A long time ago. Before I knew about the dangerous problems of completely free dating sites. In the short paragraphs that follow you will learn survive In Bed Review why it is advisable not to choose free dating sites and how you can get free dating, without using a credit card, by joining the safe paid dating sites.The free dating sites have considerably less members than the top dating sites who have millions of members. In saying that, have you ever noticed how free dating sites always have thousands of beautiful men or women right in your own town? This is because they make fake profiles. Contact any of those beautiful people and I guarantee they will not reply. Free dating sites are unscrupulous and will use any tactic to convince you to join. Creating profiles of members in your town is just one shady tactic.The completely free dating sites are replete with spammers. You join a free dating site and the next minute you have a dozen women messaging you asking for a date or for you to view their live cam. This is a scam tactic used by spammers. Another kind of spam you get is in your email inbox. This spam actually comes from the dating site.

    They do not charge for a membership so they have to make money somehow. What they do is spam your email inbox with offers that require payment. On top of this, they also sell your email address to brokers who will then sell it on to other people who will send you unsolicited emails.When deciding to date online, it is essential that you and the site you are using are committed to ensuring your safety. While you are dating online, you are dating at a distance, and this in itself makes it safe. But it can also make people feel that they can be a little less than honest about whom they really are.However, when you want to come into physical contact with the other person, this distance provides a comfort and safety factor. Online dating allows you to decide on the pace and it allows you to be as selective as you want to be.Even with safety precautions that are put in place by the leading dating sites, it is important for you to follow some basic online safe dating practices. These practices are important to consider before deciding to exchange your personal contact information with a virtual stranger or before deciding to meet the person. It's very easy to get whisked away into a fantasy land when reading personal ads or talking to someone online, so it's important to keep these safe dating practices in mind to keep your feet grounded.

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